06 5 / 2013

Historic levels of awfulness have always fascinated me, so Luis Cruz’s start to 2013 has been totally amazing other than the fact that he’s causing my team to self destruct. As of this writing he’s had 70 PA and is hitting .091/.116/.091 with no unintentional walks or extra base hits. Cruz’s awful start has inspired me to start finding other historic streaks of ineptitude.

As far as I can tell, this is the worst start to a season in history. No one has ever had numbers like Cruz’s has appear on a scoreboard and been allowed to do a job other than pinch running. 

What’s harder to find is stretches like this in the middle of the season where a season’s worth of numbers can mask a horrible cold streak. Streaks like this have happened before, even to Hall of Famers. In July of 1986 Carlton Fisk hit .082/.100/.082 and stayed in the league for seven years after that.

Since these massive cold streaks can be so hidden I want to try to unearth the worst stretch of baseball in history and see if Luis Cruz can beat that. 

My current gold standards of horrible:

Doug Clemens for the 1965 Cubs August 5th-October 3rd: 79 PA .056/.139/.056

Mark Belanger for the 1967 Orioles July 30th-September 26th: 91 PA .072/.125/.072

Bob Lillis for the 1963 Colt 45s June 28th-August 10th: 134 PA: .147/.167/.147 (longest stretch I can find with no unintentional walks or extra base hits)

Tommy Thevenow for the 1931 Pirates April 14th-June 27th 150 PA: .101/.155/.101

If you can find anything worse than this please, let me know, and let’s see if Luis can enter baseball immortality.